Case Study 1 – CK Computers

CK Computers was a small computer sales and service company operating in SW Dublin. We first advised on a name change to Long Mile Computers – for increased recall results and to reflect its location, and then helped redevelop its existing website to more clearly reflect what the business offered. To grow turnover on a cost effective scale, a series of maildrops to businesses in the greater SW Dublin area was recommended. This yielded an immediate increase in customer enquiries and resultant turnover.

Case Study 2 –

This new company asked us to oversee the launch of their innovative new service, and to advise on all aspects of the launch. We first proposed the use of the specific brand name because it immediately reflected exactly what they offered, and linked directly to their website for rapid recall. Changes to the website were also suggested and implemented. We then created and implemented an ad campaign, and with the Client, briefed a small but very dynamic PR agency to support the launch with ancillary publicity.

Case Study 3 – Midland & Western Building Society

Our Principal, Michael Mackey spearheaded the relaunch of the minnow building society. It involved the creation of a totally new Corporate Identity. All products were rebranded and supported by a suite of promotional material including brochures and POS. Finally, a national radio and press campaign was conceived to promote the revamped building society. The Society was eventually subsumed into the EBS Building Society.

Case Study 4 – IBIS Hotels

Michael also looked after the Irish launch and promotion of IBIS Hotels, part of the international Accor Group. On a very modest budget, extensive ongoing exposure was achieved through the resourceful use of half page/full page colour ‘advertorial features’ in the Sunday World and Star on Sunday. Typically, prices for these ‘features’ were negotiated at a fraction of the usual advertising rates, resulting in substantial multi-faceted media coverage at hugely discounted rates!