Why MackeyConsult?

Because you are a company with big marketing aspirations, but limited resources

So let’s talk! MackeyConsult specialises in working only with small to medium businesses. Our mission is to help you identify and then develop, strategies that will generate optimum returns for your business investment.

Because you need advice from an experienced Professional

MackeyConsult offers more than 30 years professional experience in developing and implementing marketing and promotional campaigns. Now we’d like to help You!

With practical marketing ideas on how to generate more new business, dramatically increase your customer footfall and conversion rates, increase the value of each sale, squeeze higher sales from existing clients and much more. We will create, and help you implement a cost effective, totally focused promotional program that will deliver a higher profile, greater market impact, and increased turnover.

Because you are unhappy with your current Promotional efforts

No matter how well you THINK you are doing, you can always do better! Following an initial briefing meeting, we will devise and develop a radical new overall strategy for you. One that can be easily, affordably and quickly implemented. We will then proactively assist you, in driving the tactical execution of those programs.

Partnership is key to Success

As we say in our Mission Statement, our success is our success. MackeyConsult engages in true partnerships with our clients, offering strategic alternatives for successful business development and the fast implementation of targeted, cost effective marketing campaigns.

‘Suck it and See’

A well used Irish expression and tradition. And one which MackeyConsult is happy to honour! Try us out for just six months with no further commitment, and if we haven’t noticeably improved your marketing results, we’ll mutually part company, with no further underlying cost to you.